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Andrew M. Estes Jr.

Syracuse University IDD&E Graduate Student


The Self-Evaluation (Standards of Practice) is my reflection of my current rating on each of the Instructional Designer Competencies. A brief description is given to explain the rating and development for each Instructional Designer Competency and performance statement. The initial self-evaluation was conducted in the beginning of the IDD&E Program (September 2020) and the second self-evaluation was conducted at the conclusion of the first semester (December 2020). The third self-evaluation was conducted in between the second and summer semesters (May 2021). The self-evaluation essay is my reflection of the competencies I have strongly developed, need to continue to develop, and the importance of continuing to grow as an instructional designer.


Initial Self-Evaluation:

Second Self-Evaluation:

Third Self-Evaluation:

Self-Evaluation Essay:

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