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Andrew M. Estes Jr.

Syracuse University IDD&E Graduate Student

IDE 737

Advanced Instructional Design

Capstone Showcase Course

Additional learning experience helping students develop confidence in their role as designers. Students will storyboard, critique, enhance, and evaluate an instructional unit while learning about advanced design techniques.



Grade: A



Joint Sustainment Operations is a 5-hour lesson within the Force Sustainment series modules int eh Department of Force Management of the United States Army Sergeants Major Course. Currently, the lesson is delivered by way of flipped classroom model and Kolb's Experiential Learning Model (ELM). The previous timeline of the lesson is 72.5 minutes of assigned readings, 5 minutes of concrete experience, 5 minutes of publish and process, 180 minutes of publish and process, 180 minutes of generalize new information (deliver new information to learners), 5 minutes of develop (learners reflect on what they did or did not learn), and 5 minutes of apply (formative assessment).

Content Hierarchy:

Flow Chart:



Instructor Material:

Learner Guide:

Reflection Journal:

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