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Andrew M. Estes Jr.

Syracuse University IDD&E Graduate Student Instructional Design & Development I

Design Report

Abstract: This group project describes an Army Leadership performance problem and provides a prototype of an instructional solution for this problem. The performance problem is that Army Leaders are not providing adequate counseling to their subordinate Soldiers and failing to identify Soldier issues to help pinpoint the resources required.

Army Leaders seem to lack knowledge on Basic Army Counseling, specifically the counseling techniques outline in the Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 6-22.1 (The Counseling Process). Army Leaders also lack communication skills that may be required in providing adequate counseling. There are some attitudes that may need adjustments on both the Army Leader and their subordinate Soldiers.

The proposed instructional solution includes a three-part six hour session with an introduction to the three basic counseling techniques (Active Listening, Direct-Probe Questioning, and Resource Identification), a demonstration and practical exercises of a counseling session using vignettes and scenarios, and a debrief and short After-Action Review (AAR) session providing feedback and summary.

An implementation and evaluation plan are included to assist Army Leaders in further developing their knowledge and skills when conducting adequate counseling at their respective units.

Overall, the goal is to help Army Leaders (Junior and Senior) identify Soldier issue(s) and point them to the correct resources available 100% of the time to assist in resolving their issue(s).

Team Members:

Charles Pittman

Alejandro Rosasolis

Andrew Estes

Design Report: Basic Army Counseling

Storyboard: Basic Army Counseling

Basic Army Counseling Presentation:

Project Summary:

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