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Andrew M. Estes Jr.

Syracuse University IDD&E Graduate Student

IDE 552

Digital Media Production

This course is designed to introduce students the use of new media tools to develop digital instructional media. Includes introduction and instruction on contemporary and emerging media development tools, including graphics, video editing, web design, and mobile technology.

By the end of this course students are expected to have the following:

   1. Skills and project-based experience to use a variety of strategies and tools to create and evaluate websites


   2. Awareness and appreciation of the myriad of ways that people access the web and will be able to create standards-based websites that are accessible and usable by a full spectrum of users


   3. An understanding of HTML, CSS, and other Web technologies


   4. The ability to create Web Sites that are functional and well designed

Grade: A



Emerging Technology Infograph:


Personal Web Page:

Microlearning Project:

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