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Distributed Leader Course (DLC) III-VI

Led a team to successfully launch the DLC III-VI to the Army. DLCs were created to bridge the educational gap in the resident Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS) continuum. They are asynchronous, sequential, and progressive distributed learning content that supports and serves as a prerequisite for NCOPDS. Each level of DLC is university quality DL education that supports continuous growth and links self-development to NCOPDS.


Provides the staff sergeant an opportunity to improve as a leader, a professional, and as an individual. This course further develops the leadership skills needed to lead  platoon size element and to make quick, accurate decisions that are in the best interest of the mission and soldiers. DLC III is a 40 hour course consisting of 17 lessons and serves as a prerequisite for the Senior Leader Course (SLC). To further their education on joint military doctrine, soldiers are encouraged to complete the Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Level (SEJPME-I) course via Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).



Develops the sergeant fist class to lead at the unit and organizational level. Soldiers will develop the skills necessary to ensure the unit is ready, trained, proficient, disciplined, and motivated. The course prepares the learner for unit-level administrative and staff roles to ensure successful operations. DLC IV is a 43 hour course consisting of 23 lessons and serves as a prerequisite for the Master Leader Course (MLC). It is recommended that upon completion of this DLC level, soldiers complete SEJPME-II, a course that prepares senior enlisted leaders to successfully support activities and supervise multiple service members in a joint organization environment.


Prepares master sergeants and first sergeants to close the gap between tactical and strategic planning. Learners analyze and apply knowledge, which will assist them in carrying out policies and standards on the performance, training, appearance, and conduct of enlisted personnel resulting in senior leaders who are ready to advise and initiate recommendations pertaining to local NCO support channel. DLC V is a 47 hour course consisting of 13 lessons and serves as the prerequisite for the Sergeants Major Course (SMC).



Educates initial and primary level sergeants major to perform senior-level duties at brigade level positions in today's operational environment (OE). This course provides the Army with self-aware, adaptive leaders of character and competence with the skills to shape and overcome the friction created by uncertainty and operate in any operational environment. DLC VI is a 34  hour course consisting of 12 lessons and will serve as a prerequisite for the Nominative Leader Course (NLC).

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